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MASTER GUNNER EDITION of The Survivor Sling 

A paracord rifle sling built by American Military Veterans and Patriots. in Michigan  A Tactical sling or Hunting sling.  Our Master Gunner Edition of The Survivor Sling is the most comfortable and practical , Paracord Sling available on the market.  Order yours today!

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The Survivor Sling Complete with 4 mounting attachments

A Vastly Superior Rifle Sling.

1 or 2 Point – Bungee Inner Core – 90′ #550 Paracord – Lifetime Warranty – Handmade by US Veterans – 1,000’s sold to US Army Soldiers at BASE Stores – 

Connectors – 2 Push Button QDs – 2 HK Style – Strap In Connectors 




Qd Ring Survivor Sling

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Hardware and Mounts

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Strap Mounting Adapters

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$20.00 off....The Original Master Gunner Model

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Baddest Tactical Sling – Hunting Sling Available

The Survivor Sling.  A Paracord Rifle Sling that last a LIFETIME!

Each Survivor Sling is equipped with a TWO Push Button Quick Disconnects.  AND TWO HK Style Spring Clips.  Optional Magpul Paraclips available upon request.   The Survivor Sling is ‘Handmade in Michigan’ Paracord Rifle Sling.

What is the purpose of a “Tactical” Sling?

It’s all about security and safety.  Flexibility of use.  Alternative shooting style.  Off-hand changeover.  Keeping it on YOUR PERSON! Therefore, Don’t just take our word for it, read what others have said about The Survivor Sling!

“I bought this rifle sling on a suggestion from a friend and fellow veteran. Together with the fact that the company is veteran owned and operated. I attached my sling to my ATI Omni Maxx Hybrid.  Immediately wished I had one while I was in the service and deployed.”
– SJ Plante

“I have used his slings in both military and law enforcement applications.  I have had nothing but positive experiences. These Paracord Rifle Slings are quality products!”
– Officer S. Mark



Ted Nugent supports the Michigan made The Survivor Rifle Sling.
Offers Sponsorship on “The Spirit of the Wild” – TV Series

See what Ted has to say about this special equipment. 

Paracord Rifle Sling

Ted Nugent meets the Owner of Cold Steel Tactical. Tom Lindsley. Paracord Sling Maker



Here is an unsolicited review of our product from Staff Sergeant Badass. Check out his YouTube channel for videos on a wide range of topics, including: archery, canning, prepping and much more.

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