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A combat sling:
FULL Draw stability via a Bungee Core Sling system. A combat sling.
B. Aid in shot to shot transition
C. Stabilizes shooting platform
unique by CST’s Sling design. When properly adjusted. that is, a sling will hug the shooter.

Superior Quality and Warranty. A Lifetime warranty on craftsmanship or failure. Whats more, Even SURVIVAL USAGE is covered.

Ted Nugent welcomed CST to his home, in October 2018. Also, his thoughts here. Ted Nugent Spirit Of The Wild. Full video here:

Ted Nugent’s thoughts of this Bungee Core Sling system

FEEL LIKE A TANK TURRET in your upper torso with this piece of work. In fact, this shot stabilizing effect is not available on bungee core sling designs. However, we suggest a short 2 Point Hookup to maximize the Bungee Hug. Noteworthy is, when hooked up short, at the near end of the hand-guard and short on the buffer tube offers best adjustment range. With that in mind, a Single onetime adjustment is needed upon acquiring our sling. On the other hand, an EZ Slider Adjuster to make on demand adjustments.

SURVIVAL:  In this sling, there is nearly 70′ of MILSPEC #550 cord here for emergencies. All at once, or take off what you need. MOST IMPORTANTLY, THIS SLING IS FULLY FUNCTIONAL WHEN the CORD IS REMOVED.

Our SURVIVAL WARRANTY: If used for a real life emergency, we will FREELY replace your sling, in exchange for a story of what happened, and how the sling benefitted you. Yes, FREE Replacement for emergency use.

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A fine combat sling
A fine combat sling


Proud we are to have a product like this. Additionally, a crew that produces the emotions in our buyers that they do.

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