Meet The Survivor Sling Series Sling System

FULL Draw stability via a Bungee Core Sling system. A tactical rifle sling.
A. REDUCE RECOIL B. Aid in shot to shot transition C. Stabilizes shooting platform
unique by CST’s Sling design. When properly adjusted. that is, a sling will hug the shooter.

Superior Quality and Warranty. A Lifetime warranty on craftsmanship or failure. Whats more, Even SURVIVAL USAGE is covered.

Featuring Lifetime WARRANTY on Workmanship and Parts AND EMERGENCY USE OF PARACORD.

Made In Michigan By Veterans

Each Survivor Sling is equipped with a TWO Push Button Quick Disconnects. AND TWO HK Style Spring Clips. The Survivor Sling is ‘Handmade in Michigan’ Paracord Rifle Sling.
Your NEW Survival Sling is HAND ASSEMBLED by Active Duty/Veterans and First Responders and their families. Of course, a great choice.
Meet The Master Gunner edition: Meet The Chaos Sling
The Chaos Sling System – 1pt AND 2pt in One Tactical Gun Sling
A fine combat sling

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