SOTW Partner and Sponsor COLD STEEL TACTICAL Releases the “Master Gunner” Edition of The Survivor Sling

  Jackson, MI – Spirit of the Wild – Seen on the Outdoor Channel, announced the release of a sponsors innovative new Gun Sling design. Their “Master Gunner” Edition of The Survivor Sling, paracord rifle sling series.   See the Video – As seen on Spirit of the Wild – March 20… Read More »

Just WHAT is “The Survivor Sling” all about?

President “Top” Lindsley.   Shares the uniqueness of “The Survivor Sling”.  Tactical sling, or Hunting Sling.  Only differences between weapons  is where you hook up. Subscribe and watch his new video.  May 1 2019 Survivor Sling Features: NOW QD Single Point Capable Because this sling fits multiple missions.  With “The Survivor… Read More »

Gun Sling Mounting 101

So many times I get the pleasure of helping those just entering this great new world of Sling Mounting.  ……all of the various means by which to Connect, Function, Adapt and Utilize this great tool.  The Survivor Sling.  The Survivor sling is no different, conceptually, from ANY other Dual Use… Read More »

Our Worldwide Outfitted Sling Testers and their thoughts.

Our Gear Outfitted shooters who will review and critique our gear and offer insights on design, utilization and performance.  Our reviews are from all over.  Feel free to reach out to them and directly ask their opinion of “The Survivor Sling” _________________________________________________________________________   Received 2018:  SGT Cory Hunt – SWAT Unit… Read More »

What should I expect from “The Survivor Sling”?

General Usage Conversation re:  Veteran Made Gun Slings Veteran Made Gun Slings……..Just what should your sling be able to do? Well, carry your firearm……..right? At least, yes. Accomplishment of that goal required several functional aspects that should be available on ANY good gun sling……..ours included.  These are veteran made gun… Read More »

Army Air Force Exchange Service Worldwide

Army Air Force Exchange Service Worldwide Effective October 27, 2017, The Survivor Sling appeared in Army Air Force Exchange Service Worldwide, in the Clothing Sales stores at many Active Duty Locations, around the world. The oldest and the largest of the Department of Defense‘s exchange services and in addition to… Read More »

Survival Use Repair

Survival Use Repair So.  It happened……You had an emergency and your life, or someone else was in the balance.  You needed some of the resources from The Survivor Sling.  Whether the paracord, the bungee or strapage.  You HAD to take is apart and use it for Survival. Comforting to know,… Read More »

Allegan County SWAT Outfitted with The Survivor Sling

SWAT Team Outfitter We have been the S.W.A.T Outfitter for Allegan County SWAT Unit since 2015.   Cold Steel Tactical was asked to work up some ideas for the Allegan County SWAT Unit in Allegan, MI.  Additionally, 15 Members of this team were outfitted with The Survivor Sling in May… Read More »

COLD STEEL TACTICAL joins forces with Ted Nugent Spirit of the Wild to offer The SURVIVOR SLINGS

Allegan, MI – Cold Steel Tactical announced they have joined forces with American Hunting Icon TED NUGENT via his top-rated Ted Nugent Spirit of the Wild television show on Outdoor Channel. The Survivor Sling, via Cold Steel Tactical, Inc (an innovative new design in paracord gun slings) will be featured… Read More »

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