Survivor Sling

Gun Sling Mounting 101

So many times I get the pleasure of helping those just entering this great new world of Sling Mounting.  ……all of the various means by which to Connect, Function, Adapt and Utilize this great tool.  The Survivor Sling.  The Survivor sling is no different, conceptually, from ANY other Dual Use – 1 or 2 Point Firearm Sling.  Its the features that make the differences between most good quality slings that offer comfort, ease of use, and durability.  Here, we will not talk “Features”.  We will talk “Function”

A.  The Weapon.  We are talking pretty much here, Long Guns…….rifles, shot guns, whether traditional or tactical (WE will talk about that shortly).  However Submachine Guns, AR Pistol platforms will function perfectly here with the proper sling and mount configuration.  

B.  Is yours a “TACTICAL or HUNTING weapon”? I have one point here.  Both words are seamless when it comes to safety and control of a firearm.  Tactical?   Hunting?  Do not all of the aspects of Tactical, such as flexibility, toughness, convenience, ease of use and effective apply to Hunting as well?  Perfectly?  Now… is where we will discuss ALL LONG GUNS as proper for use with any good rifle sling.  Whether 1 or 2 point…….Grandpas Double Barrel will be awesome on a 2 Point rig……….think about it.

C.  Mounting Points.  “How To – Where To – With what Connector – How Many”???  Its really not that complicated.  Our suggestion on mounting points is “Multiple Places – Multiple Types”.  Location and types of connections will drive the degree of Flexibility and Versatility your sling can provide.  You give your sling some Location and Type options and you both will be happy.  Conditions, mission will drive need for optional hookup configs.  I have 4 connector points along the length of my weapon.  At one 1 Point hookup and other points to have varied 2 Point mounts as desired. 

A brief follow here on ‘traditional weapons’ without sling connector options.  Find and become familiar with Stock and Foregrip Strap Adapters.  Awesome 2 point configs on traditional weapons with these mounted.  A MUST HAVE for standard rifle stock weapons.