Just WHAT is “The Survivor Sling” all about?

President “Top” Lindsley.   Shares the uniqueness of “The Survivor Sling”.  Tactical sling, or Hunting Sling.  Only differences between weapons  is where you hook up.

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Survivor Sling Features:

  • NOW QD Single Point Capable
  • Because this sling fits multiple missions.  With “The Survivor Sling”  You are ready for any contingency.  Single or Double adjustment from 38 to 53 inches.
  • Moreover, This simple EZ SuperSlide™ Adjuster moves like butter.  Won’t slip from the position you choose. Whats more, this modification allows quick and efficient changes.  Likewise, the webbing length is long enough for most users. Therefore, no more looking for a buckle. Grab-N-Go! As a matter of fact, if longer webbing is needed, simply contact us.   We can arrange a longer size if needed for the shipping cost only.


Ted Nugent – Spirit of the Wild TV

“Cold Steel Tactical was created to provide ops for the great hero warriors in the world, Vet owned, vet operated and vet staffed in my birth State of Michigan; Now We the People can benefit from their product.”

“Every time I can, I hire American veterans because they just seem to always do a better job. The Survivor Sling is a perfect example. I sling a lot of rifles and shotguns, and the Survivor Sling works better than any other I have used and abused over a 60+ year slingfest! These beauties are the ultimate in heavy-duty durability, utility and comfort.”

NOTE: The Survivor Sling has sponsored Ted Nugent’s TV series ‘Spirit of the Wild‘ as seen on the Outdoor Channel. Our logo appears about the middle of the page. 

Who Makes these babies?

  • Survivor Sling FeaturesAbove all, “The Survivor Sling” is HAND ASSEMBLED BY Active Duty/Veterans and First Responders and their families. Of course, a great choice.

“The Survivor Sling” ® Details here…..https://coldsteeltactical.us/product/the-survivor-sling-master-gunner-edition-qd-multi-mission-sling/

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