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 Ted Nugent     https://youtu.be/XgNVwGOM_Ow  https://www.tednugent.com/about/gear/
"Cold Steel Tactical was created to provide ops for the great hero warriors in the world, Vet owned, vet operated and vet staffed in my birth State of Michigan; Now We the People can benefit from their product. "

"Every time I can, I hire American veterans because they just seem to always do a better job. The Survivor Sling is a perfect example. I sling a lot of rifles and shotguns, and the Survivor Sling works better than any other I have used and abused over a 60+ year slingfest! These beauties are the ultimate in heavy-duty durability, utility and comfort."

NOTE: The Survivor Sling has sponsored Ted Nugent's TV series ' Spirit of the Wild ' seen on the 

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Professional Review of our slings by the folks at  Spotterup.com  

The Survivor Sling Testimonials – Field Tested by “Dog Corps”

Furthermore, SSGT Bad Ass Review: “This much appreciated and unsolicited gear review of The Survivor Sling was done by SSGT Bad Ass, of Step One Survival …” Instagram @step_one_survival


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More Testimonials

Police Chief Mel Brummel- Fennville City Police
I have been a police officer for 32 years a Tactical Officer (SWAT) in Allegan County for 27 years. Whats more, we’re always looking for the best equipment and materials to use for officer safety and ability to carry through jobs safely. And, I met Tom Lindsley a year or two ago. Great guy. Uniquely, the slings that he produces are probably the best I’ve ever seen and he stands behind his product like none other. As a result, I use his sling on my rifle for work and for pleasure.

OFFICER S. Mark, Kent County MI
I have the pleasure of knowing the man behind the slings and if that was my only knowledge of the product it would be enough to say these slings are quality products. Uniquely, Paracord Rifle Sling. Accordingly, But I have used his slings in both military and law enforcement applications and have had nothing by positive experiences. And, I tested be of his first generation slings and offered feedback on some things I would like seen done to the product to make to make it easier to use and hopefully last longer. Correspondingly, he made the changes requested! As a result, I have one of his slings on every long gun I use and highly recommend you try one for yourself!

Sgt. Cory Hunt, Allegan County Sheriff’s Department
“We have been using Cold Steel Tactical slings for a few years now. Uniquely, Tom has been great to work with and has evolved his slings in several ways during the time we have been using them. Additionally, I have 22 years in law enforcement and 17 as a member as a member of the Allegan County SWAT team. Likewise, Tom’s slings are used by our entire team. Moreover, Tom is a local guy for us and has taken pride in making sure that our needs have been met as his local team from the very beginning of his company.

Additionally, The amount and smoothness of length adjustability makes sizing for any member of our team easy. And, the versatility of using as a one point or two point sling is perfect. To say nothing of how I also truly appreciate the that Tom is a veteran and works with other veterans, active duty military and first responders. Great product.”

Red T. (Gunsmith, Arizona)
I’m as a gunsmith in one of Arizona’s metropolitan areas. I sell these slings to a significant number of people who show up with an AR platform rifle and other platforms. As a result, I have had customers with brand new slings buy one of the Cold Steel Tactical and throw their, (well I can’t really call it old because it was brand new) previous sling in the trash as they walked away.

Uniquely, the turn around on special orders is prompt and the quality is the same as the pre-made ones.

And, .If you’re not sure about purchasing one just remember, all the cool rifle shooters have Cold Steel Tactical Slings. And you wouldn’t want to be laughed at on the range, would you?

Doug M. (NRA instructor and CRSO Westfield, IN)
Bought my first Cold Steel Tactical sling about 4 months ago. Moreover, I bought my second CST sling today because I think they’re the best AR tactical sling for the money. Moreover, believe me, I’ve paid twice as much and didn’t get the easy to use, dependable functionality of the CST sling. definitely recommend these slings. Too, I recently purchased a 2-color sling for my AR with HK and QD point attachments. Coupled with many kudos to Top and Cold Steel for an amazing product. Quality is first-rate and delivery was expeditious. Therefore, I Will definitely be recommending this product line to any and everyone. HOOAH!

Great product! Moreover, communication with the seller was awesome! Personal service with a top notch seller. Will buy again and recommend to all!

This was an excellent experience. I wanted to purchase a purple and pink sling to match my Girlfriends AR-15. And, I contacted Tom at cold steel with the colors I wanted and he made it happen. Within days I received the sling in the mail. Additionally, This sling is of great quality and craftsmanship. The colors matched the Hogue purple and Magpul pink almost perfectly. I just can’t say enough, thanks for the great service she absolutely loves it!!

Betsy Stokan
Absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE my pink/black sling I purchased from you. Fits great, looks great, matches the pink magpul very well! Can’t wait to try it out soon. Thanks again!

Gary Vander Mei

Just what I was looking for. High quality construction.

Tyler Miller
Just received yesterday. Have not had a chance to test with my rifle as my sling adapter plate is still on its way to me in the mail. However, when I opened the package yesterday I was extremely impressed with my sling! As a result, this is a quality handmade product and a veteran owned business! Moreover, Mr. Lindsley answered the several questions I had in a timely fashion before I ordered and he constructed and mailed my sling on the same day I ordered it. Therefore, I would highly recommend if you need a paracord sling.

Sherry Fram
Very well crafted. Looks like it took a lot of time to make. Bought it for my nephew for Christmas. He loves these type of slings. Highly recommend this shop.

I ordered two of these slings in extra large. As a result, The Cold Steel Tactical Slings are the perfect size to use as either a single point or two point sling for a larger man (6’3″/ 230). Additionally, work is excellent and delivery was much quicker than expected. It is really nice to do business with true professionals.

Ryan Nowell
Very well built and gets high points for cool. The shipping was very fast.

Facebook Reviews

Steve Alexander
Purchased the sling Wednesday may 17th and received it Saturday may 20th priority mail, wow!! AND, this is one of the best rifle slings I own, craftsmanship and materials are top flight, highly recommend. Equally, Should mention I saw the sling first reviewed by YouTube’er step one survival, kudos staff Sgt badass

SJ Plante
I bought this sling on a suggestion from a friend and fellow veteran. Together with the fact that the company is veteran owned and operated. I attached my sling to my ATI Omni Maxx Hybrid as soon as it came and immediately wished I had one while I was in the service and deployed.

Chris Niemeier
Really love my sling and the personal attention from the owner for my order. Will definitely order again

John Cornstubble
Awesome sling, will be ordering more soon.

Kurt Delia
The Survivor is the best practical combat sling I own. And, I highly recommend it!

Matthew English
One of the best swings I’ve ever used. And, at a great price I highly recommend more than one!!

Dan Reidmiller
The Survival sling is well constructed and excels at the purpose for which it was made: the rugged, tactical slinging of bullet launchers.

Additionally, Sportsmen, SWAT members or anyone who wants to combine fine paracord form with utilitarian function genuinely need this product. Additionally, There are literally thousand of uses for paracord, so if you ever find yourself in a survival situation, you will be carrying the Swiss Army Knife of slings with you and that alone should give you warm fuzzies. Heck, buy several because there are multiple potential uses for a strong sling aside from weapon portage: dog leads, straps for golf bags and backpack straps to name a few; the field expediency for the many uses of this product is limited only by one's imagination.

Mark Mosley
Tom has filled two orders for me already- very thankful for his attention to detail, attentiveness to the needs of his customer and the quality in workmanship of his product! Of Course, I will be ordering more slings from him because he’s a Christian – Veteran – lives and operates in Michigan an puts out an excellent, highly respected product – simply the best!

Etsy Reviews
Perfect – exactly what I was needing and it was shipped fast!

Neil Hilditch
Very competitive price for these type of clips. Not to mention, Excellent packing and shipping time. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this seller.

Nichole Pelon
Recently purchased a 2-color sling for my AR with HK and QD point attachments. Many kudos to Top and Cold Steel for an amazing product. What’s more, Quality is first-rate and delivery was expeditious. Will definitely be recommending this product line to any and everyone. HOOAH!